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Several articles and stories have been written about Don Sommer over the years, here is a list of a few:

Clawson firm Builds Custom Parts for Classic Era Cars
Craines Detroit Business, August 1988

Car Buff “Casts alot with Parts”
The Daily Tribune, March 1989

Clawson Company creates “Bygone Era” with hood ornaments
Macomb Daily, April 1990

His Love for Cars led to the “Concours in Detroit”
Troy Sommerset Gazette, July 1991

Clawson’s Don Sommer is a Classic
The Daily Tribune, August 1992

“On the Hood”
The Detroit News, December 1993

Car Collectors view Clawson firm as a “Classic
The Detroit News, August 1996

“Rocket Scientist” is Having a Blast
The Mirror, April 1997

Car Show is a “Work of Art
The Mirror, July 1998

Hood Ornaments enjoy resurgence
The Detroit News, February 1999

Don Sommer “Lord of the Mascots”
The Car Collector Magazine, September 2000

Ornamental Journey
Craines Detroit Business, October 2000

“Recast from the Past”
The Detroit News, May 2001

Aiming for Elegance
The Oakland Press, July 2002