Our Lalique Line

A popular auto mascost from the “golden age” of motorcars is the crystal Lalique from France. Rene Lalique was a master craftsman in jewelry and glass. In 1932 his catalog showed about thirty mascosts. They are signed “R.Lalique” and “France” usually cast in the glass although it is sometimes engraved in script on the base. Some of these early Laliques are very valuable and some of you no doubt saw prices of $12,000 or more being asked for “Victoire” (Spirit of the wind) at Hershey. Rene died in 1945 and all Laliques after that are signed “Lalique France”.

There are currently three Laliques that are still being made that are suitable for radiator mascosts. The TET d’Aigle (Eagle) The Chrysis (Nude) and the Coq nain (Rooster). We offer a lighted adapter which mounts to a variety of classic era radiator caps. The adapters are made in plated brass. Our adapter uses AAA batteries with a small switch protruding from the side. (The unit has to be disassembled to change the batteries.)

The lighted Laliques with adapters are especially attractive and fit well on Duesenbergs, Packards, and Mercedes. Some appliations work better if you purchase a new stainless cap along with the Lalique and adapter.

We can custom make adaptors to fit a variety of different Lalique’s.